You’re Not This Stupid, Are You?

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Alternative Title: How to Prove You’re Stupid – Just in Case Others Don’t Already Know


I heard a story on the car radio describing what has to be one of the most ignorant people I’ve ever heard of.


Some idiot in California has been standing in line at one of the big box electronics retailers since November 5th in order to get a jump on black Friday.


In case you don’t know, Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States. 

black friday

It’s the day after Thanksgiving when consumers in America act on the programming they’ve been receiving all their lives that says you have to own stuff to make you feel like you’re good enough.


It’s referred to as “black” because it’s the first time all year that many of the retailers’ books are no longer in the “red”.


This guy’s goal is to be one of the first customers there on Black Friday so he can pay $200 for a 50″ television that normally sells for $500. 


The store limits quantities and this deal is only available to the first X number of people who file into the store beginning on that day, so if you aren’t one of the first to be there you miss out on the sale.


To save you the trouble of consulting your calendar, this person plans to stand in line for a little over three weeks.


Surely the reporter on the radio left something out?


Otherwise, where will this guy sleep? 


How will he go to the restroom without leaving the line?


Is he going to wear the same clothes for three weeks…

…the same dirty socks…

…the same dirty underwear…

…for 21 days? 




I mean, heck, where will he charge his iPhone?


These are the things I wonder about.  I know – I’m weird like that.



But seriously, who has the time to stand in line for three weeks?


Does this person even have a job?


If he doesn’t have a job, where is the money coming from to buy the television?


From his parents?  If so, those parents need a swift kick in the rear.


If not from their parents, is it coming from Big Daddy Government (Social Welfare)?


Assuming the latter is true, isn’t it a sad commentary that our social welfare system pays people enough that they can stand in line for weeks waiting to buy an entertainment device while the rest of us report dutifully to our jobs to support their stupidity? 


If he were standing in line for food or clothing I might be more sympathetic, but we’re talking about a device that actually encourages and perpetuates the type of behavior we’re discussing.


Does anyone else see the irony here?  This person is trading their time, making himself a slave to buy a device that enslaves the mind and steals their time.


But it gets even better!


Let’s look at the numbers:


  • 3 weeks of his life wasted
  • In order to “save” $100 per week
  • There are 504 hours in 3 weeks
  • $100/504 hours = $0.59
  • This person is “saving” $0.59/per hour


Another way of looking at this is that he is trading an hour of his time for $0.59.  That’s 59 cents.  Not even a whole dollar.


Who do you know that would allow you to pay them only 59 cents per hour?


Not even my 7 year old would fall for that scam!


Yet, here is a person who is obviously old enough to make his own decisions and he’s fallen for the sales gimmick.


Obviously this person’s time is not very valuable.


Right away I can tell you a few very specific things about this person.


  • This person is not very intelligent – duh!.



  • This person isn’t likely to ever achieve financial independence.


Business owners and entrepreneurs value their time too much to fall into this trap.  Most intelligent people can see this situation for what it is.


The intelligent person/business owner/entrepreneur trades their time for pursuits that build assets and profits.  Then they can buy whatever they want because their business or system continues earning money for them even when they’re not working. 


They make money during their leisure time so that they don’t have to stand in line for weeks on end to save a few dollars.


OK – we’ve spent enough time analyzing this person and it should be obvious by now that they just don’t recognize the stupidity they’re displaying.


What about you though?


How much time do you waste looking at gossip sites on the internet?


How much time do you waste wading through worthless emails?


How much time do you waste watching junk on television?


What about video games?


What about Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter?



What is your time really worth?


You do realize, you provide a service to these websites and apps that are tracking you?  They follow you and learn your preferences which tells them what they should advertise to you.  


Let’s flip the script…How much do those websites/shows/games pay you for your time?




Hmmm….now I’m beginning to rethink my opinion of the guy standing in line for three weeks for only $0.59 per hour.


At least the guy trading his time at the big box store gets a television…


…But you?


…You get nothing in return for your wasted time.


Okay – so maybe you’re one of the few who doesn’t waste time on worthless websites/games/television.


Let’s Look At This From Another Angle Then


How much do you make per hour at your JOB (Just Over Broke)?  Are you satisfied with that slave wage?  Maybe you’re like me.  I do make a good wage, but I don’t really love my job or any of the other requirements that go along with it.  The problem is that there is an opportunity cost for me because I’m not taking advantage of the other higher paying possibilities. It’s like I’m leaving money laying on the table as long as I’m not pursuing those opportunities.

Wage Slave Quote


How much could you be making per hour if you were doing things that were profitable to yourself and to others, instead of working at a job enriching others?


You’ll need to flip your mindset to become a producer rather than a consumer.


Ask yourself right now, “How much is my time worth?”


Do you think you should do something about your situation or are you still fine with it?


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