How Important Is Your “Right Now”?

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How important is your time, your “right now”?

If you’re anything like me, you think about all the things you want to do in life and say to yourself, “I’ll get to that later”.  The problem is, right now is all you’ve got.  Oftentimes your later never comes.

Where Does Time Go?


And you want to know what’s worse?

Whether you realize it or not, everything you do, every decision you make doesn’t affect just you.

For those of you who have kids, I am sure this will hit home with you, just as it does with me.

You don’t really give much thought to why you do the things you do…

… you just do them because we are programmed to do them.

You are a product of the environment and programming that you have been exposed to throughout your entire lives.

Are you an employee who reluctantly wakes up when the alarm clock goes off?

You hate the sound of that clock don’t you?


You do the SAME thing every morning.

Go to the SAME job, with the SAME people, and leave work at the SAME time, EVERYDAY.

Take home the SAME pay check every other week that just BARELY helps pay the bills.


You know deep inside that there HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY TO LIVE.

You know that you were called to so much more in this life.

You know that deep down inside you have a desire to LIVE, not just survive.

Unless you want more of the SAME you’ll have to do something DIFFERENT.

And remember…

What you are doing today, good or bad, will leave a LEGACY for those who come behind you.

Your kids are looking up to you.

You know that you are MODELING and PROGRAMMING YOUR KIDS DAILY, by what they see in your life.

Chances are they will follow in your footsteps, for better or for worse and end up being almost just like you…because that is all they know.

So let me ask you this.

When you look at your kids and think about their future….

  • what they will do when they grow up?
  • what kind of person will they marry?
  • how many children will they have?
  • how will they raise their kids?
  • what type of character will they demonstrate in their lives?

What kind of future comes to mind for your kids?

Do you feel like the life you are living now is going to prepare them to have the best life they can live, or…

…do you fear that they are headed down the same road you’re on?  A road that leads to fear and stress…

RIGHT NOW you are setting the course for FUTURE GENERATIONS.

But there is hope

If you DON’T LIKE your current circumstances and the life you have lived up to this point, it can change DRASTICALLY as soon as you decide to change.

Now, that CHANGE will be different for everyone.  And some will take longer that others to achieve their change.

But I can assure you this…

… in order to change you MUST do something different than you have always done.

You must deprogram that stinking thinking and those harmful patterns in your life.

You must REPROGRAM and change your perspective on life…

… and live a life of purpose that radiates the success you crave.
I’ve been reading a book named Beyond Willpower, and it can help you do what I just described above.

As with anything, you must not only READ it, but more importantly, APPLY the principles it describes.

In NO WAY am I prepared to say that I’ve fully arrived. I still struggle with behaviors and thoughts in my faulty programming that I see in my KIDS, and quite frankly it makes me scared.

Just last night I had a talk with my 7 year old about some habits he’s picked up. I explained to him that none of us are immune to picking up bad habits and that even I, his dear old dad, still struggle with bad habits.

I don’t want my kids growing up being workaholics that are stressed out and on edge all the time. That was my dad and that programming was put in me.

But I am doing all I can to change that programming and stop the curses of mediocrity in my generation.

Even though I’ve had some success and made a lot of money recently… I still haven’t arrived yet.  I doubt I ever will in this life.

But I definitely want to experience more peace and meaning in my life, while being successful.

So I’m going to set my sights in that direction and keep on keeping on.

And even more importantly, I want my kids, grandkids, and future generations to be able to walk in that freedom too.

This life is too short and even after we are gone, we will still live on through our kids and future generations, for better or for worse.  Your genes, your thought patterns, your looks, even the result of your work will be carried on within the lives of your kids.  Are you leaving something worthy of their time and attention?

Your future is what you do today, not tomorrow


CHOOSE to take action TODAY, RIGHT NOW and give yourself and your children the best life available while here on this earth.

”Seize the time…Live now.  Make now always the most precious time.  Now will never come again.” – Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation

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  1. Daniel Ndukwu

    I really like this post, It’s super super easy to fall into routines. In fact, as human beings we look for routines in our lives because it makes it easier to accept defeat.

    After all, not everyone can be a king.

    Ps you’re supposed to be sharing what changed your online hustle

  2. Daniel Black

    Thank you for the comment Daniel. Your first statement — very powerful. I think I used and/or read a similar quote about excuses being the nails in your coffin. Although I did stumble into an amazing opportunity, I also made a number of mistakes that came back to bite me the last couple of months. The timing was been really bad, as it hurt my ability to adequately respond to a medical situation. That situation is less urgent now so my focus is back where it needs to be, but, I’m still trying to figure it all out in order to avoid the previous problems. I believe I can still make this work, but don’t want to reveal too much until I know for certain that I have the right formula. This post was written as much for me as it was for you guys because, although I’ve had some initial success, I’m still trying to feel my way through and find the right process. Experiencing setbacks is part of life, but how we deal with them is what reveals our true character.

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