I’ve Been Away – And I May Never Come Back

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Photo taken from dunesHey guys.

Have you missed me?

I have not posted here in several days because I’ve been living the beach life.  Yes, that photo you see was taken from the top of a dune behind the house I’ve been renting!



So, how in the world did I go from ho-hum, cubicle dweller, to beach bum?

Well, that’s a story for later. Let’s just say that one of my side hustles suddenly blew up too much to ignore and I’ve been working it non-stop, online, for the past few months until it got to the point that it was costing me more to go to work than to work my hustle.

Frankly (and I do apologize to my audience), my blog just hasn’t been on my mind much lately…

Now that I’ve experienced it, there really is no comparison to being able to spend quality time with my young sons and wife.

beach sonsIntrigued?

Stay tuned.  I plan to reveal more in upcoming posts.

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  1. Jose

    Dude congratulations on your venture blowing up and making you money! Looking forward to hearing what you did and how you did it!
    Man! Its always good to see hard working people like yourself doing it right rather than dwelling in a cubicle as a slave!
    again congratulations my friend!

    Que tengas muy buena suerte! Compadre!!
    Tu Amigo

  2. Daniel Ndukwu

    Man, I love to hear that!!!!!!

    But don’t leave us just yet, Fight or fade has just started to take on a character of it’s own

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